Thursday, April 18, 2013

Review of Tristis Manor by J.R. Wagner

Tristis Manor

** I received a copy from the publisher for an honest review**

Make no mistake, Tristis Manor will rip your heart out and hand it to you. 
I ached for Margaret and all she went through. Her mother was a mother in name only, she should have been her protector not one of her tormentors.

This one is heart-breaking, no, heart-rending. Definitely worth the read. Don't expect a light mystery or a n unbelievable, gory horror story. Nope, not this one. Her mom is a jealous, mean, abusive witch, and her father, who she adores, and he adores her also, works away, and is gone for extended time periods. Poor little sweetie goes through hell. 

I found myself just wanting to gather her up in my arms and cry. 
3 out of 5 books 

On a side note, it has been sooooooo windy and I am soooooo sick of it. Lol It really seems to aggravate my lupus. :/ How do you turn off the wind?